Regular Exercise Client Testimonials


  • Susan M.

    The studio is a great place to be. All the trainers that work with Peter are great folks who truly care about health and well-being.
    Everyone needs some REGULAR EXERCISE in their lives!"


  • Evian G.

    Mark is not only a real-deal inspiration, he makes perspiration fun.

  • Craig B.

    Andrew is knowledgeable about body mechanics and muscle function, and tailors our sessions to our abilities while still pushes us to reach the next level. I've been very appreciative of Andrew's encouragement and positive attitude. Highly recommended.  


  • Jan Darwin

    Kurt is a very compassionate trainer. He shows dedication when dealing with your specific needs and addresses problems you may have with both understanding and patience. He is well-educated about fitness and nutrition and shares that knowledge with all his clients. He is very detailed when explaining what is happening with each workout.

  • Savannah D.

    I play field hockey and wanted to build my on-field explosive power. Since training with Mark my performance on the field has skyrocketed and I haven’t been in such great shape since college. He is always creating new and novel ways to keep challenging me. I’ve trained with him 2 days a week for over three years now and continue to improve. I’ve recommended him to all my friends and colleagues. He’s the best investment I’ve made in myself!


  • Tim

    Working with Mark has been great for me. As a competitive golfer I need my training focused on my core strength, flexibility, and balance. Not only has Mark listened to me in order to tailor my training specific to my goals, but he continuously modifies the workouts to keep me challenged and engaged. I am stronger and healthier as a result.  

  • John B.

    I would strongly endorse Peter as a fitness trainer. He has wonderful enthusiasm for his work and is an expert in all areas. You can feel confident referring patients to Peter. I assure you they will be in good hands. 


  • Dana K.

    Andrew is the best! He was very professional, friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and was laser-focused on my specific fitness goals. He trained me over a three month period to recover from a minor knee injury and rebuild core strength and endurance as a runner -- in that short time he got me rehabilitated and back in shape for a half marathon and I have never felt so fit :)  Highly recommended for personal fitness training and both short and long term goals!  


  • Dennis S.

    Kurt brings something new to the concept of personal training; thoughtfulness. He spends a lot of time planning our training by thinking not only about my goals, but about what is going on in my life around those goals. That makes for a much more interesting hour than my previous experiences that revolved around learning what the end result of the exercise will be versus a dossier of muscle names and insider training methodologies. Kurt's teaching background makes a serious difference in his approach to training - and that's a smart move.