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Mark OKeefe, MAT practitioner and Strength and Movement Coach

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Mark is a native San Franciscan who grew up running and playing along the hills of the peninsula. He has a tremendous respect for the human body and movement and understands that consistent and proper movement is critical to optimal pain-free living. He believes that the best exercise is simple and It doesn't have to be painful and tedious. Daily movement can become a joyous habit that you look forward to. Mark's clients appreciate his down-to-earth approach and ability to craft custom programs that are appropriate for them. He is currently working with people from 20 to 90 years of age. Mark’s unique method borrows from all available disciplines and he uses a variety of techniques from table-based treatment and traditional weight lifting to balance and stability training. Mark hold a BS in athletic training and is nationally certified by ACSM, FMS and TPI.  In addition to being a master trainer Mark is also our very own in house certified MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) specialist! MAT is a system of checks and balances that utilizes a variety of diagnostic tools. These include comparative mobility assessment to identify an area of weakness, active muscle contract and sustain tests to test neurological integrity, positional isometric contractions and digital palpation of tissues. In layman's terms MAT finds out what tissue is not working at full capacity, gets it firing better and then strengthens the tissue once it's responding. MAT attempts to identify and treat the underlying cause of tissue disfunction and not just treat the symptoms. 

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Mark OKeefe, Strength and Movement Coach

Daily movement is a deposit in your functional strength and movement savings account!