There has never been a more exiting time than the present to be a part of the movement, strength and lifestyle profession! From the meteoric educational and communication advances of the internet to the scientific discoveries of the fascial systems role in human locomotion, advances in biological assessments, bio metrics and training modalities. Since 1992 I have earned a living as a self employed personal trainer and in my 2 plus decades in the profession I have had the good fortune and timing to be able to access a a wealth of information that only a few years ago was hidden in academic texts and PhD programs. Lucky for all us the doors of knowledge and access have been kicked wide open as well as the world of business systems and information needed to run your own business. In 2007 I opened up my second personal training studio in the Richmond neighborhood of San francisco and we have been going strong even during the largest recession in American history! I am exited to share my knowledge and my facility with anyone who has the desire and motivation to be one of the best in their profession.  

  Peter Zwerling

At Regular Exercise I have created an environment that is conducive to training clients with a variety of goals. I designed a facility that provides optimal open space for movement based exercise and have outfitted it with the best equipment available. In addition I have designed an exercise studio and business support system specifically designed for independent contractors so that the best trainers and coaches can optimize their career potential. By creating this unique and compelling environment for trainers and coaches we have been able to attract some of best professionals in the field and clients who want the best! Regular Exercise offers you the opportunity to have a successful career and financial independence as well a being a member of a strong and supportive professional community. If you are one of the best or want to be one of the best in the industry then click the link below! I look forward to hearing from you!


-Peter Zwerling

Founder of Regular Exercise