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Brian Johnson, Strength and Movement Coach

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A lifelong athlete and movement explorer, Brian is passionate about empowering clients through regular exercise, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. He brings decades of experience as a certified massage therapist, yoga practitioner, martial artist and fitness coach. Brian is committed to helping people take charge of their health through improved movement quality and strength development.

In addition to his BA, Brian is California State certified massage therapist practicing Amma/Shiatsu, Hendrickson Method and The Trager method. He has been practicing massage/bodywork professionally for over 26 years, has extensive background in Iyengar Yoga, martial arts of Aikido and Shintaido, kettle bells, indian clubs and club bells. Working with Brian will open up a whole new world of movement and strength allowing your body to heal itself, guaranteeing results and many hours of enjoyment! Brian is our studio sensei!

Contact Brian at / 415 649-2500


Brian Johnson, Strength and Movement Coach

I am committed to helping everyone experience the joys and benefits of regular movement.