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Tim Reiland, Strength and Movement Coach

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Tim earned a bachelor’s degree in his home state at UW-Milwaukee and a master’s degree from Princeton University, but he will insist that his proudest accomplishment came just over ten years ago when he gave up smoking. It set him on a new course. Having realized how dependable his body had remained through all the years of abuse, he has committed himself to a more respectful approach to caring for his trusted, most reliable friend: his body. Over the past decade, Tim has not looked back and has challenged his body to ever-increasing physical demands only to find each challenge met. Intrigued by this endless potential, he became inspired to help others more fully understand and appreciate their own physical capabilities and to help them reach their fullest potential through fitness coaching. Tim has earned a personal trainer’s certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine but remains hungry for a bigger, better understanding of the infinite means to a healthier lifestyle. He understands that moving well, deliberately and effortlessly are key to experiencing life to its fullest. Tim has come to believe that one’s physical potential stems from good mobility. Through targeted workouts, he aims to maximize functional mobility to build a solid foundation for resistance and core work to develop strength and endurance, power or lean muscle mass while simultaneously improving stability and coordination. In his free time, Tim enjoys cooking and hiking or running the amazing trails of Marin.

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George Cuavas, Strength and Movement Coach

Move well, move deliberately, move beautifully...for life!